Dr. James Roberts talks Cavadex


Cardiovascular disease remains a leading cause of mortality worldwide, posing a significant challenge to healthcare providers. In the realm of cardiology, innovative treatments that offer safe, effective, and cost-efficient solutions are always in demand. In this regard, Cavadex stands out as a remarkable advancement. Dr. James Roberts, a seasoned practitioner of Integrative Cardiology with over 40 years of experience, shares his insights on the transformative impact of Cavadex in treating advanced and recurrent coronary disease.

A Revolutionary Treatment:

About a year ago, Dr. Roberts began incorporating Cavadex into his treatment regimen for patients with persistent symptoms of coronary disease. The results were nothing short of delightful. To date, he has treated over 150 patients with Cavadex, observing its incredible safety, effectiveness, and rapid onset of benefits. Dr. Roberts hails Cavadex as the most crucial anti-atherosclerotic therapy in his arsenal.

Mechanism of Action:

Cavadex operates uniquely, featuring a cone-like structure with a water-soluble exterior and a fat-soluble interior. This design allows it to enter the bloodstream and effectively target cholesterol molecules. Once administered, Cavadex works by extracting cholesterol from cell membranes, thereby dissolving lipid droplets within artery walls and reducing atherosclerotic plaque. This process also initiates reverse cholesterol transport and reduces inflammation, improving overall cardiovascular health.

Clinical Outcomes and Observations:

Dr. Roberts' experience with Cavadex has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only does it rapidly alleviate symptoms, but it also steadily reduces plaque volume. The treatment is tailored based on individual patient needs, with a focus on maintaining and enhancing the gains achieved. Dr. Roberts notes significant improvements in patients' conditions, including those with non-coronary vascular blockages.

A Universal Antidote to Atherosclerosis:

One of the most compelling aspects of Cavadex is its universal applicability. Irrespective of the underlying cause of arterial disease, Cavadex has shown to be an effective remedy. Dr. Roberts emphasizes its role in avoiding repetitive invasive procedures, offering patients a more sustainable and less intrusive treatment option.

Safety and Accessibility:

Cavadex's safety profile is exemplary, with no adverse effects observed in patients or in Dr. Roberts himself, who has undergone multiple treatments. Remarkably, Cavadex is over-the-counter, making it accessible without the need for constant medical supervision, though Dr. Roberts advises maintaining regular consultations with healthcare providers.


The introduction of Cavadex in the field of cardiology marks a significant milestone in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Roberts' experience and observations underline its potential in revolutionizing patient care. As the medical community continues to explore and understand Cavadex's full capabilities, it stands as a beacon of hope for many suffering from coronary and vascular diseases.

For more information on Cavadex and Dr. Roberts' work, please visit his website at heartfixer.com and the Cavadex website at https://www.cholrem.com/

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