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At 66, Howard faced a life-changing health crisis. Struggling with blocked arteries affecting his legs, walking even short distances became a painful ordeal. His journey to recovery, however, took an unexpected turn when he discovered a non-surgical solution that transformed his life.

The Challenge:

Four years ago, Howard began experiencing severe leg pain after walking just 60 meters, a result of blocked arteries. He also suffered from pins and needles in his fingers and toes, complicating his job as a truck driver. Smoking 50 cigarettes a day and his alcohol consumption only exacerbated his condition.

A Difficult Ultimatum:

Howard’s specialists insisted he quit smoking before they would consider inserting stents to unblock his arteries. Quitting after many years proved extremely challenging for Howard, leaving him in a difficult situation as the doctors refused to operate unless he stopped smoking.

A Turning Point with Wrinkle:

Howard's breakthrough came when he started using Wrinkle, a non-surgical treatment option. Within a week of beginning this treatment, the pins and needles in his fingers began to clear up, significantly improving his ability to drive comfortably. Over the next few weeks, even the cramps in his toes and the discomfort in his feet started to subside.

A Test of Endurance:

The real test for Howard came five weeks into the treatment when he attended the races with his brother. Facing a 400-meter walk to the racecourse, Howard accomplished it effortlessly, without any of the pain that would have stopped him in his tracks before.

Life-Changing Results:

Now, nearly two months into using Wrinkle, Howard reflects on the dramatic improvements in his health. The treatment has not only alleviated the physical symptoms associated with his condition but also significantly enhanced his quality of life.


Howard's story is a testament to the power of alternative treatment methods in managing health conditions traditionally treated with invasive surgery. His experience offers hope and insight to others facing similar health challenges, demonstrating that sometimes, the solution may lie beyond conventional methods.

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