Why RemChol is an Enema Not a Pill?

Why RemChol is an Enema Not a Pill?

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide. Characterised by clogged arteries due to cholesterol plaques, it can affect individuals of any age, especially those with sedentary lifestyles. 

Reducing plaque formation is the best way to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Cavadex reduces those plaques that have built up.

While various anti cholesterol drugs are given as pills, RemChol is given as an enema rectally. Let's discover why you should choose RemChol as an enema over a pill.

Increased Absorption:

When you take a drug orally, it goes into your digestive system and the liver for absorption and metabolism. This is called first pass metabolism. However, in this route, less medicine reaches the blood, thus reducing the drug's efficacy. 

However, when the treatment is given rectally as an enema, the first-pass metabolism effect is bypassed, and more of the treatment reaches the bloodstream directly, ensuring the maximum effect.

Targeted Delivery:

Administering RemChol as an enema ensures the cyclodextrin reaches the specific area in the body where it's needed the most. 

This method ensures that the product is introduced directly to the body efficiently, allowing optimal absorption. 

Each RemChol package has lubrication to ensure a comfortable and smooth application process, it is important to use the lubricant supplied and not an alternative option. An enema for delivery is chosen because it facilitates rapid and effective absorption, bypassing the digestive system, which can sometimes reduce the potency of certain treatments. 

This direct approach ensures that RemChol can work at its best, providing the desired effects in a gentle manner.

Minimising Side Effects:

The side effects of any drug originate mainly from its route of administration; for example, drugs taken orally cause gastric problems. 

Moreover, if you're taking more than one medication, drug interactions are likely to occur. 

RemChol, taken as an enema, solves all these problems. Its per-rectal administration minimises its side effects and also prevents drug interactions. 

The only reported side effect users have reported is loose stools, do to the enema itself as the administration not the Cavadex. So overall, RemChol is a safer choice. 


With the rising number of incidents of heart attacks and strokes, various drug companies have been invented to manage blood cholesterol and atherosclerosis. Whereas Cavadex is here to reduce and reverse the plaque that has built up. 

RemChol as an enema has various perks over pills. First of all, rectal administration provides maximum absorption and targeted delivery. Moreover, it minimises side effects by bypassing the first-pass metabolism and reducing drug interactions. 

If we had the option to skip the pill, we would, but unfortunately, the enema is the safest option. While it might not be the most conventional method, this is the option that is saving lives every single day.

For further queries, you can contact us directly via email at info@cavadex.com. 

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