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Cholrem Cavadex

RemChol Saver Set - 3 Boxes (96 tubes)

RemChol Saver Set - 3 Boxes (96 tubes)

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The RemChol Saver Set includes 3 boxes of our Single dosage, with each box containing 32 tubes. This set is designed for individuals looking to maintain their cardiovascular health with a reliable and effective single dose.

Contents: 3 boxes, each containing 32 tubes of Single dosage (9 grams per tube).

Key Benefits:

  • Standard Absorption: Each tube provides a standard dosage of 9 grams, offering consistent and effective absorption.
  • Maintenance Use: Ideal for those who are already on a regimen and wish to maintain their cardiovascular health with regular use.
  • Comprehensive Supply: With a total of 96 tubes, the RemChol Saver Set ensures you have an adequate supply to follow your recommended regimen.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals seeking a reliable and effective solution for maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Those who prefer a consistent and standard dosage for regular use.

Improved Blood Flow: The Single dosage helps enhance blood flow by reducing plaque and cholesterol levels, ensuring that vital organs receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease: Regular use of RemChol products helps mitigate the risk factors associated with heart disease, promoting a healthier heart.

Enhanced Energy Levels: Improved cardiovascular health results in better energy levels and overall vitality.

Support for Cognitive Function: Enhanced blood flow contributes to better brain health and cognitive function.

Maintenance of Physical Health: Healthy blood circulation supports the overall functioning of the body's systems, aiding in physical health maintenance and recovery.

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Product Information

RemChol Dosage


2 RemChol tubes daily for 4 weeks. 

Once in the morning and once at night (or several hours apart). 

Then once daily for 8 weeks 

Followed by 1-2 tubes weekly 


Administer 1 RemChol tube daily for 3 months. 

Then 1-2 tubes weekly 


Administer 1-3 tubes weekly 


Every dose of RemChol improves your health. 

Missing a dose won't affect your treatment.