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Wholesale - RemChol - 6 Boxes

Wholesale - RemChol - 6 Boxes

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Wholesale - RemChol - 6 Boxes

Each Box has 32 Tubes for 1 month's supply if administered daily. Each tube contains 8 grams of Cavadex. Delivers a total of 240 grams of CAVADEX over a one month period.

This is our wholesale price for medical professionals.

Easy to store, no refrigeration needed. 


RemChol contains Cavadex™, a revolutionary cyclodextrin thats proven safe in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Cavadex is a ring shaped starch with an outside thats attracted to water and an inside cavity that is attracted to oils like cholesterol.

Once administered Cavadex travels around around the vascular system, the cholesterols are absorbed and it is then transported out of the body within a matter of hours via urine

The Cavadex is not absorbed or metabolised in the body it is merely just used as a vessel to pick up and take away cholesterol.


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Introducing Cavadex™

In 2016, German scientists found that Cyclodextrin reduced arterial plaque in mice.

Cholrem Pty Ltd then developed a specific Cyclodextrin called CAVADEX™, made from starch, with enhanced cholesterol transport abilities. CAVADEX has a ring-shaped structure, attracting water on the outside and oils and lipids (like cholesterol) into its cavity.

As it circulates in the vascular system, CAVADEX draws in cholesterol, binds with it, and eliminates it from the body through urine.

CAVADEX is the only cyclodextrin proven safe in the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Product Information


RemChol is a specialised health supplement containing Cavadex™ formulated to effectively reduce cholesterol levels.

By integrating Remchol into your routine at an early stage, you not only optimise your heart health but also elevate your quality of life, ensuring vitality and well-being for the long term.


Each tube of RemChol contains 8ml of Cavadex™ Cyclodextrin. (standard dosage)

Directions of use

RemChol is administered rectally.

1 - Twist top of the tube with your hands to open. Do not cut with scissors as this may create sharpe edges.

2 - Use the supplied lubricant to apply a generous amount of lubrication along the lenght of the narrow nozzle.

3 - Gently and slowly insert the nozzle fully into the rectum

4 - Squeeze contents fully out of the tube and hold tight.

5 - Keeping the tube squeezed tight, withdraw the nozzle from rectum.

It is recommended that you retain the solution for at least 30 minutes to absorb the ingredients The longer it is retained the better the absorption rate will be.Please dispose of the empty tube responsibly after use.


Unless specified by your doctor or health care professional the recommended dosages are as follows. 


Administer 1-3 tubes weekly

Moderate - Recommended

Administer 1 RemChol tube daily for 3 months. 
Then 1-2 tubes weekly 

Aggressive - Fastest Results

2 RemChol tubes daily for 4 weeks. 

Once in the morning and once at night (or several hours apart). 

Then once daily for 8 weeks 

Followed by 1-2 tubes weekly 

Note - Missing a dose won't affect your treatment.

Do not use if product is damaged or expired.

Not suitable for children.

Side effects

Due to the nature of the administering method RemChol may loosen stools and create bowel movements. These are natural responses in any liquid rectal administration methods.

There have been no other reported side effects.


Keep in a cool dry place below 30°C

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use if damaged or expired.